About Suzanne

suzanne“Once Again I Picked Up That Hook……”

 It was the ’60s.  My mother decided, even though I was young, it was time I learned her immeasurable crochet skills.   Love and patience guided her as she handed me my first crochet hook and skein  of yarn.  I assembled  my very first stitches into something that resembled a scarf.  The stitches were crooked.  The  yarn tension was all wrong. It wasn’t long or wide enough. Heck, in retrospect  it wasn’t even pretty.  My mother made me pull it apart and start all over.  I finally completed it.  Crafted by me, inspired by her.

I woke up to the ’70s. Another stage in my life. Once again I picked up that hook. Now I fancied myself as a far more experienced “stitcher” deciding to follow a written sweater pattern. Completed it wasn’t long or wide enough. The arms were uneven and the stitches still a little askew. For sure it wasn’t pretty. Off to Mom’s with my project. We laughed until we nearly cried then she told me “Suzanne, you need to pull that thing apart!” And I did just that.

Fast forward to the ’80s and ’90s. Husband, children, pets, work. Busy times. Once again I picked up that hook. In my “spare” time I fiddled with patterns trying to perfect this gift that my mother had given me. I would visit her with various unfinished projects only to be told “Suzanne, you need to pull that thing apart!” We laughed until we nearly cried yet again. And I did just that.

Turn of the Century! Y2K!! Life’s challenges would test my faith. Once again I picked up that hook. In the year 2001, the good Lord took my best friend, teacher, the most honest faithful critic to her forever resting place. When I looked at my projects, it just wasn’t the same pulling apart those stitches that I so lovingly assembled alone without my mother’s input, with LOTS less laughs until I nearly cried.

After many years, 2014 brought with it a change of heart. Once again I picked up that hook. I thought ‘Christmas Gifts”. Novel idea. Completely different this time. Stitches were even. Yarn tension was right and the gifts actually looked pretty. Now, encouraged by my family, a lifetime journey continued. At the END OF EACH day, when once again I picked up that hook, I thank my lucky stars for my lifetime motivator: my mother.

These now are HAPPY DAYS doing what I enjoy most. With that sentiment in mind, as surely she looks down proudly upon me, I dedicate with love each stitch, pattern, product, this new business and website to my MOTHER, Germaine Fonseca. Surely without her patience and skill set I would have never ONCE AGAIN PICKED UP THAT HOOK! I have to add that though I craft alone these days , she is forever in my heart. I don’t have to pull apart as many stitches and sometimes I DO laugh at myself until I nearly cry.

That HOOK, that very HOOK my mother gave me so many years ago is by far my favorite and the first I reach for when I start a new project! I hope to have many many years of crafting fine quality custom-made softwear that you will all wear with pride.

Thanks to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the story of how the face of SueC’s Softwear came to be! I just love a HAPPY ENDING! Oh WAIT! It’s not over…..you still have to order something!